tamas21 (tamas21) wrote in anthrofest,

here is my con report for Anthrofest 2006

I left Moncton train station for Montreal around 20 after 5 last Wednesday the 9th of August, and arrived in Montreal about 16 hours later. I walked to the hotel where the con was located, which took about 30-40mins, and waited in the lobby for my room mate, Familiar to show up. He showed up roughly an hour after i did and we went up to the room and set our stuff out and talked and snuggled for a bit. Around 5:00 we headed out to grab some food, i got subway and he got some pizza, and when we got back to the hotel i gave Babytiger cub and Prplhaze a call to see if they had arrived at the hotel and they did and we visited with them for a bit and helped unload supplies for the con.

The next day we got up around 8am because Familiar had a table in the dealers room to set up and i was his helper. We got to the common area and waited to register after setting up his table, and while waiting i met Leviathin Redwing, Shadow, Lavose, and a few other furs. I spent most of Friday helping Familiar at his table, he did pretty well i might add. I went to a party later that night, and for my first ever furry con party, it rocked.

On Saturday I helped out Familiar at his table somemore and i got a few commissions done from Marci and HollyAnn. Later that night I went to another party and had even more fun.

On Sunday I helped out Familiar again until i had to go, which i really didnt want to do but had to. I had lots a fun for my first ever con and im very surprised we passed the 100 mark for a first year con. I will try to attend again next year and have even more fun.


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