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International Anthropomorphics Festival — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

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Anthrofest Go ByeBye? [Jul. 21st, 2008|06:36 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival
[mood |curiouscurious]

Was just wondering if the site is gone for good? Or if Anthrofest isn't planning on making a come-back for next year? I haven't heard anything about the con for a while, and when I went to check out the forums, they're not there anymore...

Any news about AF, or what the future of it will be?
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Bowling Furmeet à Québec! Sorry for the french topic! [Dec. 28th, 2007|05:39 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

[Current Location |Québec, Canada]

Bonjour à tous!
Je tient a vous avisé que Samedi le 5 Janvier 2008 se tiendra une Bowling Furmeet, ici, à Québec. Cela se déroulerait de 7pm à environ 10pm. L'évènement aura lieux à la Salle de quilles Les Saules (3110 Bvld Masson), tout près du grand Terminus les Saules, ce qui facilite l'accès pour plusieurs d'entre vous. Le cout est de 8,75$ par personnes pour 3 parties, souliers inclus. Ce sont de petites boules et non les grosses. Si vous avez des accessoires tel que queue, oreilles, fursuit complet, etc.. Emportez-les, sa sera amusant. Peut importe si vous ètes fursuiter, artistes ou un simple admirateur des furry, vous ètes la bienvenue. Si vous avez des caméras et des appareils photos, vous ètes libre de filmé et photographié l'évênement.
Il est important de nous faire part de votre venu a l'évênement afin de réservé le nombre d'allées nécessaires. **Si vous n'ètes pas de la région de Québec, mais connaisser des gens de cette région, merci de lui passer le mot!!**

Quoi:      Bowling Furmeet à Québec

Où:     Salle de quilles Les Saules (3110 Bvld Masson), tout près du Terminus les Saules

Quand:   Samedi soir, le 5 Janvier 2008, à compté de 7h00 PM jusqu'à environ 10h00PM (durée de 3 parties)

Combien ($):    8,75$/personne pour les 3 parties, avec les souliers inclus.

Merci à tous de vous présenter à cet évênement!
Pour plus d'informations et donner votre inscriptions, veuillez communiquer avec moi (Da-Fox), ou Carl.....

Da-Fox =  superdanboy@hotmail.com
Carl = turbo_carl@hotmail.com 
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Pictures from AF and Montreal. [Aug. 5th, 2007|01:56 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Looking for my pictures taken at AF? I have them in my LJ at http://cornwalldragon.livejournal.com/86702.html
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Anthrofest 2008 Poll and 2007 Thoughts! [Jul. 31st, 2007|09:14 am]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

First of all, I'd like to point everyone to the poll in the Anthrofest Forums that is going on. We want to know WHAT you want for a hotel next year! If you haven't registered in the forums yet, I encourage you to do so, it's a great place to ask questions and get feedback and such for next year, and for you to communicate directly with all the Director's and Staff :)

The poll can be found here: Anthrofest 2008 Hotel Poll

Secondly, thank you to EVERYONE, especially to the Fursuiters in my case for making it a great con for me as well. I hope everyone had a lovely time, and we'll see you all next year.

Also, any thoughts for a theme next year? I came up with it last year, somehow (Cnipur liked it o.O) but some input from all the con-goers is great too :D
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Anthrofest [Jul. 31st, 2007|12:00 am]
International Anthropomorphics Festival


So my report will be kinda short since I was basically watching the game room most of the con ;)

But much fun was had in the last days ..

People have been really helpfull and I'm thankful for this ^^

They have also been patient , which is impressive with some of the probems we encountered!

Thanks to Dydymus , Naz and Cnipur who provided a bunch of good games ^^

Thanks to the con attendees for being careful with the material ^^

Thanks for Soryane for the poker game ^^

even tho' I didn't play it it helped the room a lot ^^
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thank you''s'' [Jul. 30th, 2007|08:56 am]
International Anthropomorphics Festival
[mood |lovedabsolutly jubilant]

First of all I really wanna say this year was amazing I had such a great time that I don't even have the words to say how much!
I wanna thank all of the attendees that made me feel at home... all of you who bought stuff from me WOW really THANK YOU yah know... thanks for stoping by and saying hi :) thanks for the poker games ...  and cause we all know furry is fun ... and chess is not ;) THANKS FOR THE FUN!

last of all thanks to the absolutly amazing Staff... I have but praise for you guys ... you were there for us if we needed you were working hard on our issues and did amazingly good at making this year a great con ... Love to all of you guys cause without you this con would have not been born.

I'll have my pictures somewhere soon I'll give a link when they are online

- Soryane

P.S. If anyone I met wanna get in touch with me but didn't ask for info to do so I got a LJ here and you can always ask me there :)
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Question #2 about registration [Jul. 25th, 2007|08:28 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

Does registration really close at 6PM on Friday?
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Staples Near-by? [Jul. 25th, 2007|08:36 am]
International Anthropomorphics Festival
[mood |curiouscurious]

I was wondering if there was a Staples/Business Depot/Grand and Toy, or some kind of office-supply store that's near-by the AF hotel? I need a reciept book (for my own records) and I'd hate to drive 40 minutes to the nearest town just to pick one one, and then drive another hour and a half to Montreal, just to find out I could pick one up there ;)
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AnthroFest, Here We Come! [Jul. 24th, 2007|12:53 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Only a few days left till AF! I can't wait!

My hubby (Trinsic) and I will be driving to Montreal and back everyday, since we just live about an hour or so away (in Vermont!), we did that last year as well, and it was all fun :)

I'll be in the Dealer's Room, feel free to stop by and say hi! I'll be offering conbadge commissions, sketchbook line-art commissions, as well as offering magnets, bookmarkers and portfolios! Price list is as follows:

Basic Conbadges (full-body conbadge with a gradient colour background) - $20
Full-background Conbadges (full-body with a full background) - $25
All conbadges include a plastic conbadge holder and a clip

Sketchbook Drawing (pencil) - $15
Sketchbook Drawing (Ink) - $20
(Sorry, no colour sketchbook drawings...my markers like to die on me so I'm saving them for conbadges and ViaB)
Vixen in a Bikini (pre-made ink drawing of a Vixen in a Bikini - you choose the colours!) $25; Additions are extra

Prints - $7 each or buy two and get one FREE!
Prints come with a plastic page protector for easy binder storage

Magnets - $5 each or 2 for $8
Portfolios - $8 each or two for $14
Bloomin' Vixen Bookmarkers - $3 or $10 for 4! (might be the last public appearance of these bookmarkers!)
Magnets, Portfolios and Bookmarkers are while supplies last.

Can't wait till AF's here! =D Hope to see y'all there! :)
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Can hardly wait. [Jul. 23rd, 2007|07:39 pm]
International Anthropomorphics Festival

[mood |excitedexcited]

Only two more days to go and I can hardly wait for AF. This will be Dougal's first AF so I'm sure he'll be fine. Need not to worry, his buddy Cornwall will be there to keep him at ease. See you all soon.
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